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We love to hear from past patients that our physicians have helped get back into the game of life. If you have a story you would like to share please send it to us. Here are a few success stories from past patients.

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Reverse Total Shoulder

I am a 62 yr.old rt. handed woman. When I was 20 I first injured my rt. shoulder. I was told by my doctor. that it was all in my mind, so it was left untreated. I live a pretty active life and have had numerous injuries since then. Doctors have told me that I am just trying to get drugs, that its all in my mind or that I just have to live with it. I was to the point that the elbow couldn't move more than a few inches from my body. In 2009 I finally found Dr. DuBois. He explained the problem to me and although I was hesitant at first, he gave me the information and iinstructionI needed and I had the surgery. There was very little pain and I am very pleased with the results. My pain now is minimal and I have almost total movement of the arm. I can swim (overhand) and even adjust the mirror in the car! I can reach things on the top shelf and comb my hair with my right hand. It's great. Thank you Dr.!

Sue D. for Dr. DuBois

Total Shoulder Replacement

I sustained a work-related injury in 1993 and went through 3 surgeries. I was advised I would eventually need a replacement. Prior to seeing Dr. Dubois, I sought out recommendations from people involved in the surgical replacement hardware industry. Dr. Dubois was recommended as the best shoulder replacement surgeon in San Diego. I was thoroughly impressed from the first time I met him. He explained the procedure clearly and just from the x-rays was able to identify the correct size of the replacement parts.

The surgery was quick and smooth. Within a couple of weeks I was able to sleep throughout the night for the first time since 1993. I am 4 years post-surgery and only wish I had done it earlier. I am able to do things that were missing for over 15 years, playing basketball, throwing a football, swimming, etc.

Dr. Dubois is the best. I highly recommend him for any shoulder issues you are having, and could not imagine trusting a replacement to any other doctor in San Diego.

Tom D. for Dr. DuBois

Total Left Shoulder Replacement

It has now been a year since my surgery. My husband and I are amazed at the range of motion I have. Before my surgery I could not lift my arm and I was in constant pain. I am pain free and I have nearly normal range of After having both rotator cuffs repaired in 2012, I couldn't finish my rehab of my left shoulder due to advanced and very painful arthritis. My then surgeon referred me to Dr. DuBois, telling me he's the best in town. Dr. DuBois agreed that the shoulder was a mess and we scheduled a total replacement. Being 52 I was glad to have my shoulder back in service, I could barely lift it past my waist. Dr. DuBois is a great surgeon and his staff is top notch. Surgery went great, felt pain relief immediately! Within 2 months post-op, I tried kayaking on Lake Murray and no pain at all!! The surgical shoulder felt better than my other one! Thank you for my life back Dr. DuBois!

Mike H. for Dr. DuBois