Testimonials for SMI Surgery Center


We love to hear from past patients that our physicians have helped get back into the game of life. If you have a story you would like to share please send it to us. Here are a few success stories from past patients.

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Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

I dislocated my shoulder years ago and have been dealing with it partially dislocating for years. Last november it dislocated to full lock and I was finally forced to talk to a doctor about it. I met with Dr. DuBois and he provided me with several options, and his own recommendation. He was very friendly, took his time to explain all my options, and answered all my questions. I chose to have the bankart repair surgery done and I'm really glad I did. Dr. DuBois gave me the run down of the surgery and was very helpful and friendly through the entire event. After the surgery he and his team provided all the necessary information and care I needed. Today my shoulder feels as good as it did before my first dislocation. It feels more stable than it has ever been and I have no pain at all. I couldn't be happier with Dr. DuBois and I highly recommend him and his team! Thank you so much!

Nathan G. for Dr. DuBois

Minimal Invasive Knee Surgery

Thank you for repairing my knee with a minimally invasive procedure. It has been a long time since it has felt as well as it does now. Your are the GREATEST!

Octavia Parker for Dr. Murphy

Shoulder Surgery

I am 47 years old and I am still very active. I surf, skate, scuba and ski. I have had chronic shoulder dislocation problems for years.

I had a bad accident in the desert and dislocated it bad and could not put it back in this time. With another surgeon I had a surgery and he said my shoulder was a mess, closed me back up and said he could not do anything. I thought all my activites were over forever but wait!

So I went to Dr Benjamin DuBois and what a life saver. I am six week out of surgery and feel like a million dollars.

I have my life back hoping to be back to work soon.


Davis for Dr. DuBois