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We love to hear from past patients that our physicians have helped get back into the game of life. If you have a story you would like to share please send it to us. Here are a few success stories from past patients.

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NBA Basketball Sportsmedicine

When push comes to shove the only thing that really matters is our health and that of our loved ones. That is why I choose Dr. Paul Murphy and his fine staff for our families entire spectrum of medical needs. As the most injured player in the history of sports, I know first hand the differences in the level of medical care that is available. Over many years I have developed the most positive relationship imaginable with Dr. Murphy and his terrific staff. I know that I am going to be diagnosed and treated with the most up to the minute information, technology, equipment, techniques and innovations. Equally important is the personal, caring touch that Paul Murphy brings to each and every issue and problem. Without the help and support of Dr. Murphy I would not be able to accomplish any of my goals.

Bill Walton, Former NBA All Star for Dr. Murphy

Shoulder Revision

I am an active 75-year old male who had a revision surgery of my right shoulder by Dr. DuBois to repair a failure of an original total replacement that was done 7 years earlier by another local orthopedic surgeon. I had experienced on going problems with the shoulder after the original surgery right up to the time I had the revision procedure. Earlier on, I had considered having the original surgeon reopen the shoulder to check it out. My concerns, however, caused me to decide against it so I chose to just live with the problem and take a lot of anti-inflammatory medication. Eventually, my right arm and shoulder did become so weak and painful that I decided to search out another shoulder specialist to determine what alternatives might exist. That was when I discovered Dr. DuBois.

Right from the beginning, Dr. DuBois was very understanding of my concerns about having another major surgery on my shoulder so he proposed a step by step evaluation beginning with X-rays, followed by an ultra-sound and then a CT-Scan, the latter of which indicated definite abnormalities but no clear definition of what was wrong. Again, because of my hesitancy to go through another replacement surgery and the hopefulness that it was something that might be corrected arthroscopically, Dr. DuBois agreed to do an arthroscopy to get a visual of what was wrong. This procedure ultimately confirmed that the previously placed artificial socket was totally loose. The only option to correct the problem then became obvious, a revision procedure done by open surgery.

It was then proposed by Dr. DuBois that rather than try to cement another socket into the scapula, he would reshape the natural socket using bone grafting material. The existing ball and stem that made up the rest of the original replacement would be checked and modified to fit the reconstructed socket. The entire procedure resulted in my being in the hospital for only 24 hours during which I experienced little or no pain. Dr. DuBois was very thorough and caring throughout the entire pre- and post-surgery consultations and was completely responsive to all of my questions and concerns. The surgery appears to have been a complete success as I returned to playing golf and softball within 3 months thereafter. As of this writing, it has been 6 months and my shoulder is almost completely pain free. I have regained much of the lost strength in my right arm and I can perform all normal activities including throwing. I would certainly recommend Dr. DuBois to anyone that has a shoulder problem and I know they would be very pleased with not only his professionalism but also his personal approach.

Tim S. for Dr. DuBois

Cervical Fusion

I had surgery with Dr. Scott Leary in March of 2012, and the results were spectacular. For many years I had suffered from a "weak" back due to the tightening of the lumbar on #4 and #5. I suffered from stiffness and constant nagging pain but I tolerated it. Dr. Leary confidently indicated that surgery would relieve all those problems, and it has. I have been pain free and back stiff free for months and it feels as if my back is that of a 30 year old. I am a golfer, and by June 1st of this year I was back in action on the course, playing several rounds of golf in Hawaii pain free. Right from the start I knew Dr. Leary was a competent doctor, and reading his biography convinced me that he would perform well. I could not have wanted a better outcome, and this is my testimonial to an assurance that Dr. Leary will take good care of you. All the best in choosing a doctor, but I think you cannot go wrong with Dr. Leary.

Richard Sinay for Dr. Leary