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We love to hear from past patients that our physicians have helped get back into the game of life. If you have a story you would like to share please send it to us. Here are a few success stories from past patients.

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Rotator Cuff Repair

Ripped rotator cuff badly at age 18 (skiing accident). Had surgery @ age 27 by then Charger's Team Doc. Regained about 50% use. 2 more tears age 65. Dr. Ben Dubois re-attached tendons--cleaned out bursal debris (lots of it)--fixed tears and monitered my rehab. Shoulder is 100%---1st time I've been able to throw a baseball in 40 years. This man is THE BEST.

Tony B. for Dr. DuBois

Rotator Cuff Repair

I have had Dr. Dubois operate on both my right and left shoulder for a torn rotator cuff. The left shoulder being far worse than the right. The surgeries went well, the care beyond anything I could have asked for. Dr. Dubois and the staff's care and concern were nothing short of perfection. I can not praise Dr. Dubois and his staff enough. I strongly recommend Dr. Dubois to anyone having shoulder problems.

Darlene F. for Dr. DuBois

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

I saw Dr. Dubois after several months of shoulder pain and subsequent physical therapy. X-ray and ultrasound were inconclusive as to what the problem might be. We tried cortisone injections and while they helped some, I was still in pain. Surgery was the next logical step to diagnose the problem. Dr. Dubois performed arthroscopic shoulder surgery in November 2012 and found a bad case of bursitis. He performed a subacromial decompression, bursectomy, and did a lot of clean up. The surgery went very well and the recovery has gone very smoothly. Three months later, I feel great! I had forgotten what it was like to not be in pain every day and I'm proud to say I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Dubois!

Jesi J. for Dr. DuBois