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We love to hear from past patients that our physicians have helped get back into the game of life. If you have a story you would like to share please send it to us. Here are a few success stories from past patients.

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Thoracic Fusion

In this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas I have much to be thankful for. I am thankful that I am alive and not paralyzed. I am grateful to Dr. Leary for saving my life. I fell off of a horse on July 13, 2011 and fractured my back, pelvis, ribs, and had a subdural hemorrhage. I am so thankful that Dr. Leary was on trauma duty at Scripps that day. My prior fusion from scoliosis surgery broke and Dr. Leary re-fused my back. He is indeed a dispenser of miracles. Thank you so much!

Karen Stephens for Dr. Leary

L5 - S1 Spinal Fusion

I was injured while working in December 2009. My laundry list of symptoms just kept getting longer and I was unable to work. I got to the point where I couldn't win. If I was too active I got worse. If I was too inactive... I got worse. I was in physical therapy for over 2 years. I did everything I could to get better. I ate healthy, did my strengthening exercises daily, worked out with an aqua jogger in the pool all the time, iced and heated everyday, but I had plateaued. I was struggling to stay positive and my pain level was high no matter what I did. I really had little to no life. I was a very active person before the injury. I've worked since I was 12 babysitting and got a job working producing news my senior year of high school. I had been a sports photographer, news photojournalist, still photographer, worked in television production, movies, music and couldn't do any of it. I was eating beans out of a can because I couldn't push a shopping cart. I was only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night because of the pain. Driving my car flared me up. Sitting was torture. Walking my dog was hard on me. Laundry killed my back... you get the idea. Until I saw Dr. Leary all the other doctors told me I was too young to have surgery. That I was just going to have to deal with it essentially. They made me feel like I was a big sissy. (I am soooo NOT a sissy by the way and have a pretty high threshold for pain. I didn't even have to take pain meds after surgery when they released me from the hospital) Dr. Leary was the first surgeon I saw that "really" explained my mri's and x-rays to me. He was also the first surgeon of many that I didn't have to go over every detail of what I had been through the last 2 years. He knew by looking at my films and reading my paperwork what I had been dealing with. I was SO THANKFUL and relieved when I left his office. I'm not going to lie... I was nervous about doing the surgery. Not because of Dr. Leary, but because of what everyone else said. I'm 36 and everyone was telling me no way. Your too young. Try everything else first. After seeing Dr. Leary I was confident in him and that it was time. Who knows if I'll live to be 40. I sure don't and I'd rather have four awesome healthy years than one more day of suffering. The surgery was cake! Felt SO much better right away. It was seriously like a huge weight had been lifted. I was kind of mad at myself for not doing it sooner, but until I met Dr. Leary I really didn't know what I was up against. I used to have pain, numbness, tingling, burning etc in my left leg constantly. I barely slept because of it. I have barely had any symptoms in my leg since the surgery. My "laundry list" of other symptoms pretty much poofed and disappeared too. I have of course had to take it easy, but already have been able to do so many things that I could not have done before surgery. The surgery, Dr Leary, and all the things I've learned about my body have been a blessing. I have healed very quickly. Unless I point it out you can't really even see my scar. I am beyond happy, grateful, and so so so very thankful for everything that Dr. Leary and his team have done for me! Not only is Dr. Leary kind of my hero (no joke) I adore everyone in his office. Lauri, Rebecca and Tracy, Viviana always went above and beyond to take care of me. I heart those girls infinity! I'm actually going to kind of miss not seeing their faces or gabbing with them when I'm fully recovered.

Lana York for Dr. Leary

Left Shoulder Replacement

My shoulder injury occurred in May of 1971. I was attempting to slide into home plate, the attempt was stopped abruptly by a 250lb catcher. Not only did I dislocate my shoulder I was called out on the play. In the last 37 years I underwent 3 surgeries and numerous cortisone injections. Now I was left with a shoulder full of arthritis. At the time I was seeing an excellent orthopedic surgeon who said to me you need to see a "shoulder guy" and I know the best one, Dr. DuBois.

Dr. DuBois replaced my left shoulder on 5/5/09. It has been a complete success. I believe Dr. DuBois to be a sincere positive and genuine guy. He is exceptional at explaining your present condition, what he plans to do to correct it, and what kind of results you can look forward to. You sense the confidence he has in his own abilities. His staff is a extension of himself so your needs are taken care of promptly, courteously, and professionally. If you need surgery you need to look no further.

Michael C. for Dr. DuBois